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Zhutang become one of the "Jiangyin plate"!



Today, there is a successful listing of local enterprises in Zhutang! 

"Jiangyin plate" to add a new army!


This (25th) morning, "Youcai resources", the stock of our town Youcai environmental protection and Resources Technology Co., Ltd., was successfully listed on the main Board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, becoming the 52nd member of "Jiangyin plate".

△Mayor Cai Yeming and chairman Dai Zexin of Youcai environmental protection and Resources Technology Co., Ltd. jointly ring the opening bell. Fei Ping, member of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and executive vice mayor, and Wang Kai, Secretary of the town Party committee, attended the listing ceremony.

At the listing ceremony, Cai Yeming said that the successful listing of "Youcai resources" is a milestone event in the development of Youcai environmental protection and Resources Technology Co., Ltd. It is also another major achievement of Jiangyin's in-depth implementation of the strategy of strengthening the city through industry and continuously playing the brand of "Jiangyin plate". Jiangyin is located in the geometric center of the triangle urban agglomeration. Last year, the total GDP exceeded 400 billion, and it has embarked on a new journey to continue to be a good vanguard of high-quality development in the country's counties. We hope that you Cai resources will take Shangshi as a new starting point, strengthen enterprises through industry, innovation and capital, and strive to be the best in the industry to create infinite brilliance. Cai Yeming said that Jiangyin municipal Party committee and government will fully support the development of Youcai resources, fully support more Jiangyin enterprises to take the road of deep integration and innovation of industry, technology and finance, and make Jiangyin's industry more high-end, innovation more surging, city better and people happier.

The stock code of "Youcai resources" is 002998, and the issue price is 5.85 yuan per share. The number of shares in this public offering is 81.5996 million. On the first day of listing, "Youcai resources" was recognized and sought after by investors. As soon as it opened, the share price rose to 7.02 yuan, up 20%; as of the closing of the morning, it closed at 8.42 yuan, up 43.93%.



It is understood that Youcai environmental protection resources Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2003, focusing on the R & D, production and sales of polyester fiber and its products. The company has 12 production lines of recycled colored functional composite polyester fiber, with an annual recycling capacity of 150000 tons of waste polyester textiles. It is one of the first batch of enterprises to obtain the approval of China Chemical Fiber Industry Association and textile and chemical fiber product development center Issued the "green fiber certification" one of the enterprises. As a national R & D and production base of renewable colored fiber new materials, Youcai resources always adheres to the leading development of science and technology. The company has established "Jiangsu pet and nano material composite fiber engineering technology research center" and "academician Yu Jianyong workstation of Chinese Academy of Engineering". It has successfully led the formulation of three Association standards and participated in the 13th five year plan of the Ministry of science and technology - "renewable fiber" Polyester fiber efficient preparation technology "project, a number of technologies to break the foreign monopoly, a number of products to fill the gap at home and abroad.

In 2019, the company's sales revenue is 1.856 billion yuan, and the net warehousing tax is 58.67 million yuan. Due to the new low melting point composite fiber project, the sales revenue increased by 491 million yuan over the previous year, an increase of 35.97%.


Enterprises prosper, Wuxi prospers; enterprises are strong, Wuxi is strong; high quality industry background is positive; constantly polish the beauty, and wish the Tang good quality